Thursday, October 25, 2018

31 Words of Encouragement - Day 25 - CAPTURE

Today is Day 25 of the "write31days" challenge.  Once again I am linking up with Kate Motaung for the FMF free writes.  Be sure to check out each day's post here.


This word makes me think of war; of an enemy capturing their opponents and holding them as prisoners.

Ugly times!  Not the times of our lives that we want to capture in our memories.

I'd rather think about capturing good times and things that makes us smile, wouldn't you?

Of capturing someone's attention!

Things that are worth remembering.

A life that is worth remembering!

I love this quote; comparing our life to a camera!  Such truth in that, isn't there?

Focus on what's important;

Capture the good times;

Develop from the negatives;


If things don't work out...

Just take another shot!!

Easy enough, right?  Just take another shot?!

Every day we wake to a new day!  We can "take another shot" at getting it right; at turning our negatives into positives!

Let's try to live our lives like a camera!!

And, share how that's going with you...

Me?  Every day is a new day and I never know what it will hold...

So, focus on the positives!


  1. Such a good life principle! Way to go, Barbara! You can do this!!!!! Hugs.

    1. Thank you Karen! Just getting a slow start this morning and need to post and also read others. FIVE more to write, and also tomorrow's FMF word...Yes, I CAN DO THIS!!! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Well, I love this for all the reasons! I'm a positive leaner... looking for the gifts in each day... and a photographer so I do love that quote and comparison! (I wrote this morning about Letting Go... so we are on a similar track today!)

    1. I need to focus more on all the GOOD about a day; and stop thinking about the BAD...sometimes I think when I am writing these posts, God is leading me to learn something for myself, not just something to post for others!!! The words comes from somewhere and I think they must be from Him!!!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!