Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Simple Woman's Daybook - November 14, 2016


November 14, 2016

Looking Out My Window:
Today was a beautiful day; a slight cool breeze, and just a little sunshine.  At this time, just after 6:00 pm, it is around 59 degrees...perfect weather!

I Am Thinking:
About my life as a caregiver, and wife of one with dementia and hearing loss...

I am failing at both roles - caregiver and wife.

I Am Thankful:
For my daughters and friends that I can talk with when I need to; but, mostly for God who guides my path...though I don't always listen or take heed of His word to me!

One of My Favorite Things:

And, yes, I do have one coming up next weekend.  It is in town, less than 10 miles from where I live...

But, I plan to stay at the hotel so I don't have to drive home at midnight (or later!).

I Am Creating:
A Christmas tag and ATC (artist trading card); a Winter tag; and Christmas cards.  Next weekend I hope to work more on some other projects - yet to be determined!

I Am Wearing:
A pair of jeans and a purple shirt with sunflowers; and my comfy bedroom slippers.

I Am Reading:
"The Cabin" by Carla Neggers...I have never read this author; but a friend gave me about a dozen paperback books from a box she had.  I picked out the ones I thought sounded good...

This one is not disappointing me at all!

I Am Hoping:
The rest of this week goes by better than this morning started out to be!  I will be getting ready for the retreat this weekend, and also doing our monthly shopping - which can both be rather stressful!

I Am Learning:
Perhaps I am not learning anything!  I seem to still be pondering how my life is at this point - season? - of my life.  And, I just don't seem to be learning how to "deal" with the way it is right now.

I have made one small step to finding a support group...I have the date for the next meeting and the address for where it will be held.

In My Kitchen:
The dishes from dinner are rinsed off and in the dishwasher; a third load of clothes is in the dryer, and a fourth in the washer!

Monday use to be my laundry day; my "stay-at-home" day.  Now, I stay with my 2 year old granddaughter on Mondays...and love it!!

Board Room:

I could say I just happened to find this post; but I think know that He led me to find it!

As I was searching Pinterest for an image or quote, or something to use for today's SWD, I stumbled across this post called "He Sees You".  Check it out here. ...

It isn't easy being the caregiver to someone with dementia and a hearing problem.  It isn't easy living with a person that has no feelings or compassion or empathy or even sympathy; one who is harsh with his words, but doesn't even know or remember saying them.  And they hurt!

He may be able to go on as if nothing has been said or done; but, it is my heart that is breaking more and more with each harsh, ugly word.

It wouldn't hurt as much if his words were aimed at me; but they aren't.  They are aimed at my children or grandchildren; and it hurts bad!

The assurance that God has not forgotten us; that He knows our circumstances and loves us... I was reminded of this as I read through the words of Dr. Michelle Bengtson in her blog "Hope Prevails."

Perhaps her words will find their way to my soul and heal the words I hear so often...

Post Script:
Today I am sharing a post I wrote for Five Minute Friday last week; check it out here.

Shared Quote:

I found this quote while browsing through Pinterest; I even printed it out and taped it to the wall next to my computer...

I need to read this every day!

A Moment From My Day:
Today was the day we do our monthly grocery shopping...one of two days to "stock up" for the month!

While in Sam's Club, waiting to check out, a couple of pre-teen boys were checking out the radio that was playing at the beginning of the line.  I don't remember what the song was, but it was from a "regular" station; loud and not very appealing.

The two boys messed around for a couple of minutes, then went in front of us to join their mother.

From the radio I heard the words of a familiar song...and it wasn't loud and unappealing!

Stepping up beside the boys, I asked, "Did you change that channel?"  The younger one pointed to the older one and said, "He did!"

And, I replied, "Thank you!"

They had changed it to a Christian station!

I said to their mother, "I love walking into a store and hearing Christian music instead of the loud music usually played!"

That made me smile...

And that's how my day is going so far!  How about yours?

Join me again next week for The Simple Woman's Daybook!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Five Minute Friday - COMMON

I am excited to continue linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group of bloggers!

Perhaps I'll surprise everyone - myself included - and figure out how to "tweet" so I can join the Thursday night "twitter party"!!

Be sure to check here for more information about participating in Five Minute Friday.

This week's word is:  Common

Today is Veterans' Day...a day that we focus our attention on those who have served our country; those who continue to serve; and those who will serve at some point in the future.

I was born into a military family: my father retired from the U. S. Army; and my brother followed in our dad's footsteps by joining the army as soon as he graduated from high school.

And, I married a soldier.  Though that marriage did not last past 8 years, I am still proud of his service to our country.

While serving in Japan, my brother met and fell in love; she was also serving in the U. S. Army.

When I met my second husband, I didn't know his background for serving our country; but later found out that he was also a veteran of the service.

All of these relationships had a common thread: the military; specifically, the U. S. Army.

Today, as I sat at a table in front of a bar-b-que restaurant that was giving free sandwiches to veterans, I pondered the past few weeks ... 

The election of our new president has just ended with such division and protest and controversy that I feel like sticking my head into the sand until the next four years are over.

I am not one for discussing politics.  I don't fully understand the hows and whys and whatevers of it all.  And I find it hard to put into words how I feel about the "issues" or "platform" that each party stands for.

But, as I sat watching a large number of men and women who have served in the military, or even some who are still serving, it occurred to me:

This group of people were not divided into who was in the Army, or the Navy or the Coast Guard or whatever branch of service;

They were not divided by who was a Republican, or a Democrat, or even an Independent;

They were joined together in a common bond; they joined together in honoring and remembering those who have served, are serving, and will serve our country.

They were shaking hands and hugging and laughing and talking and...

It didn't matter which branch of the military they represented; or how they voted this past Tuesday or earlier.

What did matter was that they - we - were all together celebrating our common goal:

To live together and work together for the good of the United States of America.

Yes, there are some disagreements; there have been controversies and divisiveness and harsh words said to each other.  There have been many debates and comments and posts on social media that were not kind.

But however we all feel, in the end, the person that has been elected will be the President of the United States of America.

And, as citizens of the United States, we should all work together for the common good of our country.

And that's all I'll say...but will end with this Prayer for Veterans that I saw on Facebook:

Five Minute Friday - JOURNEY

Now that October is behind us, and the write31days challenge is finished, I am excited to join Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group for this weekly link-up...

Be sure to check it out here for more information about participating.

This week's word is:  Journey

And, boy have we just finished a journey!

That journey with the "write31days" challenge took me to places I had no idea I would ever go.  The past three years, I persevered in completing all 31 days each year; not necessarily within the 31 days; but I did finish!

And during my journey with this challenge, I have "met" some amazing people; a group of encouraging and supportive people who are also on a journey.

I have always said that life is a journey...

From the day we are born, we are set on the road to begin our journey, from where we started to where we will end up.

Our journey takes us in many directions; with detours and dead ends; twists and turns; and intersections that make us choose "which way now?"

Sometimes our choices come because of the decisions we make; other times because of decisions others make.

But, we never know where we are really going to end up...

Until we get there!

And with all of those detours, dead ends, twists, turns, and intersections ahead, it may take all of our lives to get there!

We need to make sure we have the proper resources before we begin our journey...

The number one resource, a great GPS system to help us to find our way:


So, pull out your road map and get started on your journey, led by God and His never-fail GPS.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 31 - In His Word - ONLY

Today is Day 31 of the "write31days" challenge; and I am linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group for this year's "free writes".

Check out all of my posts in the "In His Word" 31 Days series here.

The word for today is Only ...

The dictionary defines "only" as:

1) adj. - "the single; the one without any others."

2) adv. - a) "and not anyone/anything else;" b) "as recently as"; and c) "if only = expressing a strong wish/desire."

Using the word "only" as being "the single or one without any others", I have written a poem:

I am Only -
A daughter,
A Child of God.

I am Only -
A stay-at-home mom,
Working mom,
Divorced mom,
Retired mom.
God's hand and feet.

Jesus was Only -
A babe in a manger,
Son of a carpenter,
Born of a virgin,
Long-awaited king.
Sent by God

Jesus was Only -
A teacher,
God's Only Son.

If I am only a daughter - it means that is all that I am!  And if I am only a sister or wife or mother - that would also mean that is all...

If I am only a stay-at-home mom, or a working mom, a divorced mom or a retired mom - that would be I could be.

Yet, I am all of these rolled into one person!

I am only Me!

If Jesus was only a babe in a manger, son of a carpenter, born of a virgin, and sent by God - He is and was "the single one; without any others"...

He was and is a teacher, healer, leader and Savior;

He is the one and only Son of God;

He of all "only-ies" is The Only!

Day 30 - In His Word - CUT

Today is Day 30 of the "write31days" challenge; and I am linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group for this year's "free writes".

Check out all of my posts in the "In His Word" 31 Days series here.

The word for today is Cut ...

So, how does this word fit for the "In His Word" 31 Day challenge?  {There have been a few other words that gave me a real challenge!}

That actually required some ... well, persistence!

Searching through Pinterest for an idea or images I could use, I came across this quote; and realized what I was really looking for was persistence!

And what I felt we - or more specifically, I - need to be persistent about is in my prayers to God.

I've heard that once we ask God for something - whether for healing, strength, or courage, or to help us make a decision, or whatever, we should leave it with Him.

But, is that what God really wants from us?

I think He wants us to be persistent; to continually ask Him for what we want or need, trusting and believing that He will hear our prayers and answer.

This scripture in Matthew 7:7-8 tells us we should keep asking; keep searching; keep knocking!  And in that persistence, we will receive, find, and have the doors opened!

Perhaps there's another reason for persistently asking God for our needs:

Found on Pinterest
Shared by Jennifer JayGee

Perhaps we are not listening carefully; perhaps we need to persistently ask so that we may actually hear His Word to us!

Just as the river cuts through a rock by its persistence, not power; our prayers reach God through persistence, not the power of the prayer.

And we will be blessed by our persistent prayers.

Found on Pinterest
Shared by DuoParadigms PR

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Day 28 - In His Word - EAT {FMF}

Today is Day 28 of the "write31days" challenge; and I am linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group for this year's "free writes".

Check out all of my posts in the "In His Word" 31 Days series here.

The word for today is Eat ...

No matter what the occasion may be, it is certain there will be food!

We will eat!

Whenever we gather for a birthday or holiday celebration, or even for no particular reason...

We will eat!

Weekly we meet on Wednesday evenings for Bible Study, choir rehearsal, youth events, even yoga classes; and before all of these events begin ...

We will eat!

Each Sunday when we gather together to worship our Lord and Savior, we also gather around the "Table of Remembrance" to share in a Holy Meal ... 

Once again, we will eat!

"While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to the disciples, and said, 'Take, eat; this is my body.'  Then he took a cup, and after giving thanks he gave it to them, saying, 'Drink from it, all of you; for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins..."  (Matt. 26:26-28)

Each time we gather about a table laden with food, we are nourished.

The meals we share around our tables feed and nourish us for the work we must do.

The meals we share around the Communion Table feed and nourish us for God's work that we must do.

May we eat from the Table of Remembrance and be fed and nourished.

Day 27 - In His Word - BOUQUET

Today is Day 27 of the "write31days" challenge; and I am linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group for this year's "free writes".

Check out all of my posts in the "In His Word" 31 Days series here.

The word for today is Bouquet ...

Who doesn't love to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a special occasion ...

Or, for no special reason!

Here is a beautiful bouquet I received one year for Mothers' Day ...

These beautiful bouquets don't usually last very long; but the thought behind the gift last on and on...

Their fragrance fills the air and remains long after the flowers are gone.

This scripture from Second Corinthians reminds us that, as Christians, we are to give off a fragrance that leaves no doubt Whose we are!

Our Christianity shared with others leaves behind a fragrance that fills the air and remains long after we, the Christians, are gone.

So, be sure to carry the fragrance of Christ wherever you go, and leave no doubt to others you come in contact with that You Are God's Child!