Introduction - A New Start

Sometimes we have to just step back...

And create something new!

Finding myself in the midst of a storm -

Physically, emotionally and literally -

Has given me the opportunity to do some soul-searching and to make decisions about my life and where my priorities should lie.

{Earlier I heard on the radio a few words that should "not be used in order to have better communication."  Three of the words that I heard discussed were:  honestly, amazing, and literally.

The reasons given:

Honestly - does that mean the rest of your words are not honest?

Amazing - overused; is it really amazing or a surprise, or just normal?

Literally - usually not used correctly!

Well, the truth is, I am using the word "literally" correctly!  Since I was in the midst of Hurricane Matthew, I would have to say, "I was literally in the midst of a storm!"}

To add to that "storm", somehow my other blog is not recognizing me as the author or administrator. It is still active for reading and commenting; but I have no ability to do anything on the blog.  You can still check it out here

So, it looks like I am starting over!!

Bear with me as I work on getting this new blog back to where I want it to be; and as I attempt to merge in the first few days' posts for the "write31days" challenge, and pick up where I have been hand writing the prompts.

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  1. I love your perseverance and "can do" attitude. Way to go!