Friday, July 21, 2017

Five Minute Friday - COLLECT

Five Minute Friday

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This week's word is:


Look around...

I have collections every where!

  • In the hall closet is a basket full of my Beanie Babies and a few other small stuffed animals!

  • On top of the cabinet in my craft room - though it's a bit dusty - are my ceramic turtles, manatees, jaguars, goats and a few kittens.

  • At the back of that cabinet is a small wall hanging curio filled with miniature dishes and other things I have collected.  There are also a couple hanging on the wall beside my computer.  A lot of these miniatures belonged to my grandmother.

  • Scattered all around my craft room are supplies for creating scrapbook layouts, cards and other things.  It seems I "collect" these items since I have so much of it!  It's hard to use it all up; so I consider it my collection...

  • well as the collection of scrapbooks that are complete and those that I am still working on!

  • I also collect projects:  tags and cards and other things that I have made and swapped with others.  They are either in binders or boxes; never sure how to "display" things with all the dust around!

  • I also have a collection of books!  Some are waiting to be read and passed on or taken to the used book store when I am finished.  Others are from fave authors that I don't want to part with; but in the name of de-cluttering, I have been getting rid of some.  Being an avid reader, I have to have something to pick up and read once I finish what I am currently reading.

So, these are my collections!  If I was really energetic, I'd get photos of all of these things; but that's not going to happen today!!  I am happy that I have written this post...

{No, I didn't write this piece in five minutes; and I am sure my time is up!}