Monday, March 26, 2018

RJD Reunion!!

What IS RJD??

Think "Random Journal Day"...

Think of Dawn...that's Enthusiastically Dawn.  Check out her blog and she explains it all!

The thing is, I haven't written an RJD post for quite a while...a couple of years.

Because it "ended" for a time!


Dawn has invited us - ME TOO!! - to a Random Journal Day Reunion and Celebration!!

So, I have spent a big part of my day going through my journals...

But, wait!!  Do you even know what Random Journal Day is?

We were encouraged to go back to our "older" journals; or maybe even one that was not so old, and share an entry as a new blog post.  Then, link up with others over on Dawn's blog and check out what they have written.

Check out Dawn's blog  here and she will explain it all.  You can also hear it straight from her in a short YouTube video here!

So check it all out and join in the FUN!!

And I will be sharing my journal entry and a little about myself below:

So, after pulling out all of the journals I have in a bin, I pulled out a couple to choose from; and have one from May 2015 that gives a bit of info about myself!

Journal entry from May 23, 2015:

"And I like quiet mornings, and lazy days; a good book and a fun project!  I like spontaneous outings, and lunch with the girls - and shipping trips, and just hanging out.  I like crafting days, and social times; learning new things, and sharing our crafts.  I like connecting with friends, and chatting and encouraging...

Yes!  I like the 'small joys that a simple life brings!' "

And, that in a nutshell is Me!!

Here is the tally I made of all the journals I pulled out of that bin today:

4 Planners

3 Composition Books:
Ann Voskamp's
"1000 Gifts"
One-Year Challenge

A few loose sheets of
miscellaneous journaling

2 Journeying Through the Days
Calendar and Journal
(Upper Room Devotions)

5 Other Devotional Journals

1 Poetry Book

1 Visual Art Journal

2 Travel Journals
(and a 3rd partially finished)


18 "Regular" Journals
(and I found another incomplete journal
that I used for another of Dawn's link-ups,
"21 Days of Journaling"
from July 2016)

As you can see, I use "journals" for a number of things!  I'm sure I could find more if I really grabbed all of these incomplete notebooks laying around!

But, that is enough for one Random Journal Day entry!  Hoping for more!!