Friday, October 13, 2017

Five Minute Friday - INVITE

Five Minute Friday

Welcome to this week's Five Minute Friday!  Since I am not participating in this year's Write 31 Days challenge, I have decided to at least try to write for the FMF word each week; and already that hasn't happened!!

Oh, well...

This week's Five Minute Friday word is:


So, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee (or tea; perhaps even a cold glass of soda or lemonade)...

This is the kind of house I want...big front porch, rocking chairs, and lots of trees :)And join me on the front porch!

Oh, my!  What a vision that is!!  To have all my bloggy friends and my crafty friends join me on the front porch?!

Or, at least the balcony off the living room; since I really don't have a front porch...that sure would be nice to have though!!

But, I fear there would not be enough room to hold all of you!


There are many of you that I would want to invite to this party!

We will celebrate the connections we have all made while sharing our writing, or even our crafting.  I have just as many crafty friends as I do bloggy friends!

We will laugh and share more of our stories; even show off more of our hand-made crafts...

Perhaps we will enjoy a meal together, or a plate of cookies or a beautiful cake or pie.

But, the real crazy dream part for me would be to actually see each one of you; to meet the friends I have connection with in so many ways!

To wrap my arms around you in a great big bear hug!  To welcome you into my home (that would be something in itself; my apartment is quite small!!).

To let you cry on my shoulder, if that is what you need.

To listen as you bring me up to date on that last "something" that happened.

To hold your hand while you find the right words to share...

I can see it now!!

What a day!  What an event that would be!!

Well, I am sorry to say...

I really cannot invite all of you into my home; or even onto my balcony or front porch.

But, I sure would love to do that!!

There are so many of you that have encouraged me over the past few years.  Whether in my writing or crafting...

You inspire me with words from your very souls!  You awe me with your amazing beautiful!

And, that visit would be a way for me to say, "Thank you so much for all of it!"

But, since I cannot actually invite you into my home...

I invite you to check out my blog!  I invite you to follow me on Facebook where I share links to my blog as I publish new posts.

I invite you to check out the crafts I share on Facebook and within some of the posts I write (especially for the Simple Woman's Daybook posts each week.)

And, yes, this has gone way past five minutes!

Just know...the invitation stands!  If you are anywhere nearby...

I would love to meet up!

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