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Simple Woman's Daybook - August 21, 2017

August 21, 2017

2017 Total Eclipse

Looking Out My Window:
Well, it's 10:32 a.m. eastern standard time (or is it daylight savings time?).

Whichever it is, there is still about four hours until the "total" eclipse happens here in north Florida.  We will only have about 91% of coverage; which is still quite an awesome sight; or should be?!

What am I going to do?  Watch it all happen on the television!!

For now, it's a normal day.  The mowers and blowers are out, as they are every Monday morning.  The sun is shining brightly; and the sky is a beautiful blue.

What will it be like in a few hours?  That remains to be seen!

I Am Thinking:
Always about life!  And, what a wonderful life I really do have.  No major health issues; finances are tight, but manageable.

I have a full, busy life; and am very happy most days.  There are days I stay home; and there are days I join friends or family for something fun.

Yes, it can be a struggle with a husband who has dementia, memory loss, and hearing issues.  But, we deal with it one day at a time!

And after all, that's all that we can do...take life as it is handed to us, one day at a time!

I Am Thankful:
Always thankful for my family and friends; thankful that I have such a loving group of people who are concerned about me.  Family and friends who "take care of me" and bless me with having them in my life.

I am thankful for those I share things with online; those I have never met, but seem to just connect in the right places!

One of My Favorite Things:
I am really not a major fan of sitting around watching TV; but I do...

There are shows I enjoy watching; there are shows we - my husband and I - watch together.  There are shows I really do not like - old black and white westerns; sci-fi or horror movies or programs; talk shows that sit around and talk talk talk talk...that's why they are called a talk show, huh?!

On some days when I am just relaxing at home, doing a few things but at my own speed and time frame...I love to find something I can just sit and stare at for a short time.

A "fave thing"?  I wouldn't actually call it a "fave thing"; but one of the perks of being retired, and having no real schedule is that I can sit around and watch a show, in the middle of the day, if I want to do that!!

I Am Creating:

The other day I spent a few hours at our crafting place.  I finished a set of die cuts, Worms in Apple, that I will be swapping at the next retreat.

Now I have decided to add googly eyes to them; and it sure does make them look much better!

And I have now finished the second set of die cuts, the Bookworms!!  Guess I was feeling a bit "wormie" when I selected these two!!

There are still more things to finish before the September retreat, including a set of die cut cats to cut out and put together and a layout for the page swap.

Lots of crafting that needs to be done!  I will be busy the next few weeks!

I Am Wearing:
A pair of gray shorts I use to wear around the house; and a blue t-shirt with turtles all over the back.  And, a pair of red and green socks on my feet...I hate walking around barefoot!

I Am Reading:
I am starting to read the first book of the Georgia Trilogy by Eugenia Price,"Bright Captivity".

A lot of this book takes place in St. Simons Island and Savannah, Georgia.  There are also parts that take place in England and Scotland.

I love the parts that describe these places, some that I have visited, and others that would be awesome to visit.

I Am Hoping:

That one day...


I really do learn...

I Am Learning:
Because, I really am not doing very good at this "job" that I didn't sign up for!

I am not a very good caregiver; or wife, for that matter!

I lose my temper way too easy, because I get so frustrated and tired of being criticized and yelled at and saying that I am treating him badly, and being ugly to him...

It is just the opposite!

Everyone tells me "it's the disease, not the person".  But, when you are living it, everything just seems so real and feels as if it's the person not the disease!

But, I keep on trying every day; one day at a time.

Because, that's what a person has to do!  That's what a person should do!

In My Kitchen: 
Tonight, it's leftover rotisserie chicken, chicken and rice, baked beans, potatoes, and potato salad...

Whatever is in the fridge was set out and we fixed our plates and heated them in the microwave.

Believe it or not, there are still leftovers...

"Sigh"...I am soooo tired of leftovers!!

Board Room:
For this 2017 Total Eclipse event, and for anyone wishing to do additional reading, check out this website found on Pinterest:

25 facts you should know about the August 21, 2017, total solar eclipse - Astronomy Magazine - Interactive Star Charts, Planets, Meteors, Comets, Telescopes

Post Script:
Another "because of the 2017 Total Eclipse":

The Great American Eclipse
as seen from Oregon
by Jasman Lion Mander

Shared Quote:
I am not sure this qualifies as a quote; but I saw this picture on Facebook today, when everyone was focusing on the Eclipse!  I thought it added a bit of humor to the day:

Have you ever photo bombed someone else's photo?  I would love to see these shared on Facebook in the comments!

Or, if you took an awesome photo while watching the eclipse, share that as well!

Check out my Facebook page Barbara's Journey, and share your photos!

A Moment From My Day:
Enjoying a meal with my son and daughter, in the middle of the day, and watching them being goofy and silly and laughing...

Sometimes, life can get so busy and crazy that we don't take the time to be goofy, or silly, or even laugh...

Let's make sure to take the time!!


Where do the days go?  Why are they flying by in such a speed that we cannot even remember what happened a few days ago?

Another reason to share my weekly posts for the Simple Woman's Daybook; a way to share my life in bits and pieces so I can remember those "little" things that I wish to remember, as well as those "big" things that help make this retirement life less boring and much more fun!

Join me again next week for a look into this simple woman's day.  You never know what you will read from my journey in retirement.