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Day 24 - In His Word - GLOBAL

Today is Day 24 of the "write31days" challenge; and I am linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group for this year's "free writes".

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The word for today is Global ...

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The word "global" means:  "world-wide; all over the world."

Our "world" does not just consist of those surrounding us.  Just as we don't only think of our "neighbor" as those living close to us, our "world" also spans the entire continent; the entire world!

So when we are called to bring the gospel to "the whole creation", God is not talking about just going around the corner or down the street from where we live.

We may not all be able to travel to the far corners of Africa or Haiti or Colombia or Asia to bring the gospel to "the whole creation"; but we can do our part to bring it to places we are able to reach.

Yet, we are called to step out even further...

We are to reach the souls in the far corners of the earth; and that may be simply by lifting them up in prayer, or - yes - even sending funds to help to reach out to them.

Find a global resource; a local or state-wide organization you can help support ...Whatever it is you can do, you will be blessed by doing it.

Note:  If you are looking for a place to support, check around your own home-town.  I would also like to lift up two sources (well, actually three since the first source supports two!).

1.  By purchasing the "Five Minute Friday" book, of which I am a contributor, you will be helping support two special ministries in South Africa:

The Vine School
Cape Town, South Africa


Take Action
South Africa

All proceeds from the sale of this book will be divided equally between these two ministries.

To order your copy of the "Five Minute Friday" book, and help support these ministries, go to

Week of Compassion2.  Week of Compassion is the relief, refugee and development mission fund of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada.  Their Mission Statement says, "We seek to equip and empower disciples to alleviate the suffering of others through disaster response, humanitarian aid, sustainable development and the promotion of mission opportunities."

I know for certain that they have aided in such disasters as Hurricane Katrina (and the most-recent Matthew); in floods and fires in the US; after tsunamis and tornadoes, oil spills and many other disasters.  Not just in the United States and Canada, but to "the whole creation."

For more information about the Week of Compassion, visit their website here.

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