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Simple Woman's Daybook - July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
At 4:00 p.m. the rain is falling.  The thunder rolls across the building like a bowling ball.  Every once in a while I see a flash of lightning.

The cat is in her "bomb shelter" where she heads when the storms are coming; other times, it serves as our walk-in closet!

I just woke from a nap.  Something about rain, and exhaustion, and stretching out on the couch just calls for a nap!

It's a good day to stay home and catch up on my rest after a couple of busy weeks, including the weekends!

I Am Thinking:
Not much thinking being done!  I am totally exhausted after a great weekend.

Not very often do I have retreats that are back to back...

One weekend ending and barely time to get things organized before it's time for another one.

This month was special!  One of the retreats was a once-in-a-lifetime event; though I hope to be able to attend more of them.

Now I have about four weeks before heading out of town for another one, the Crop for a Cure fund-raising retreat.

I Am Thankful:
For women in my life - "old" friends as well as "new" friends - who inspire, encourage, love, care, advise, kindly "reprimand" when needed, share, love some more, make me laugh out loud (LOL), and let me shed tears on their shoulders!

Thank you, God, for these women!  You know who they are; I know who they are.  And though they may not realize it, they do all of the above for me!!

One of My Favorite Things:
After two full weekends of crafting and being with other "crafty" friends, I must say one of my favorite things is...

Spending time with my crafty friends!

{I bet those who know me well thought I was going to say "scrapbooking"!!  But, I think it's really the people I do crafts with that make it so much fun!

Some times, I just socialize and don't get much crafting done...and that's OK!}

I Am Creating:
Oh, I have created so much over these past two weekends!

Check out the photos from these retreats on my Facebook page here

I Am Wearing:
My gray shorts that I wear for those "stay-home" days when I am doing laundry or cleaning; a purple shirt and a pair of red and green Christmas socks...

Well, they keep my feet warm!

I Am Reading:
After reading "Love Story" and "Bitter Harvest", I put off doing any more reading.  I was focused on getting things together for the retreats!

But, I'm never long without a book to read...

So, today I started reading "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks.  I am sure I've seen this in movie form; and also almost sure I've read it.  But, it's been long enough that I'm reading it again!

And, I found another book, "Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia" by John Dunlop, M.D.  Sounds like just the book I need!

Check out the information on this book here.  I think it's just what I have been needing!!

I Am Hoping:
To get a little rest tonight; finish up a few things tomorrow...

But to also spend some time with my daughter and two grandsons before I go for my monthly massage!

I Am Learning:
Still not learning the lessons yet!  But, maybe I am getting closer?

What I do know, is this is hard! I don't want the hard; I want the easy!!

In My Kitchen: 
Spaghetti!  It's what's for dinner...

Which means, tomorrow we have spaghetti again!

And, today (Wednesday) we finished our shopping.  I bought veggies and fruits and salad stuff...

Hope I can eat better with these few healthy things!

Post Script:

I was so impressed with the two women who held the retreat last weekend, and I want to share their blogs so you can "meet" them too!

Kim Hyde is the owner of Keller's Creations and the one who hosts retreats in various locations several times a year.  She also has a line of scrapbook supplies that make creating layouts much easier.  I loved her story; I loved her attitude and open-ness as well as her acceptance of others!  And, well, I just loved her!!

Check out Kim's blog here.

Lisa Bearnson has been a part of my scrapbooking history for many years.  She is the one who published a magazine back in 1997 called "Creating Keepsakes".

I subscribed to this magazine in my early days of learning to scrapbook and preserve our memories.

I still have a few of the special edition books she published, and took one with me to the retreat.  Lisa was hilarious carrying the magazine around and showing everyone what she looked like "back then".

Check out Lisa's blog here.

The entire weekend was amazing; the ladies I met were helpful and fun and caring and...

These two women lifted my spirits and helped me re-focus on the reason I ever started scrapbooking!

It's all about the memories!  Making them; and preserving them!

Shared Quote:

Image may contain: coffee cup and drinkThis is what getting away for retreats does for me!  I am refilling my soul and replenishing my spirit so I can put one foot in front of the other all of the other days!

And the retreat this past weekend was one that uplifted and inspired so much more than I could have ever imagined!

A Moment From My Day:
No matter how stressful and hard the day may be, we can almost always find something to laugh about!  Usually it comes in the form of something we are watching on TV...

Tonight, it was America's Funniest Home Videos.  Those can be so hilarious; how can you not laugh at them!?

And as quickly as the past two weekends went, another week of Simple Woman's Daybook has been completed!

Join me again next week for a look into this simple woman's day...

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