Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Five Minute Friday - PLAY

Five Minute Friday

Though I am not always where I can write a Five Minute Friday post on Thursday night, or even Friday, I really enjoy connecting with this community of writers!

So, here I am on Tuesday morning, writing my post...

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This week's word is:

Children have no problem finding things that make them happy.  They will play with a stick and an old can if that's all they can come up with!

Even adolescents find their play in sports such as baseball or football or basketball; or even just kicking or throwing a ball around.

Once we have hit adulthood, our play comes to a screeching halt!

Or, does it?!

While still working, I found this hobby called "scrapbooking"...

Call it an obsession or just the opportunity to play with paper and scissors...but I am so relaxed when I am creating things.  Not only does it keep me happy, but I can also just let my mind wander.

More recently I discovered these stamps that are "like" paper dolls!  The Julie Nutting Prima doll stamps are awesome, and so fun to stamp and cut clothes from pretty patterned papers.

Every time I am shopping, I spot patterns that I think, "Oh, that would make a beautiful dress for Lorena;" or, "This is really perfect for Sea Sallie, the mermaid stamp."

Yes, I think of them by name!!

Below are two tags I made using Lorena and Sea Sallie...

This is the time I play and enjoy the creating process.  And, most of the time when I am playing, I am with my friends who are creating just like I am!

So, no matter how young or old you may be, make sure you find something that makes you happy!  Make sure you play a little every day!!

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