Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tears of Hope and Joy

Dry eyes!  That's what the eye doctor told me the other day.

My eyes are dry and these allergies don't help; or the medicine I take for the allergies doesn't help the dryness.

My eyes are dry; my tears have dried up and no longer shed.

But, I'm an emotional person and I do cry!  I do shed tears...quite often!

The truth is, sometimes it is when I am alone that I shed the tears that have been held back.

I don't want to be seen as vulnerable.

I don't want him to know that I am crying.

My tears flow in private.

A few years ago I wrote a poem titled, "Where the Tears."  It was written for a friend who had shared with me that cancer had been found in her thyroid.

At first, unable to cry, I wrote the beginnings of the poem.

Later during a church service we were both participating in, the tears were found and flowed freely.

"You messed up my poem!"  I told her...and finished writing it later that night.

Today, I dedicate this poem to my friend, whom, thank God, is still with us!  And to many others who have lost that fight.

"Where the Tears?"

Emotions - deep within my soul -
Sorrow, joy, fear, happiness, hurt.
Sharing, caring; emotions out of control;
But ... where the tears?

My heart aches, cries out,
"Why God, why?"
Life is so unfair.
Why has this happened?
Surely the tears will flow;
But, where the tears?

Deep inside tears fill my soul
Yearning to be shed.
Emotions - deep within my soul.
I look you in the eyes with love and concern.
But, dry-eyed I wonder,
"Where the tears?"

Then without a word;
With just a look of love 
from friend to friend,
Words are choked
back beneath the flood,
As slowly, freely
The tears begin to fall.

While the words for this post were running through my head, I also heard the song, "That's Why God Made Tears" sung by Matt Hammitt.

Listen now to the words:

As I've said before, my word for this year is "Hope".  Yet, I am still wondering where the "Joy" is, just as I wondered where the tears were!

I believe that Joy is found in the Hope we have in Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

I believe that Hope is found in our Joy.

May you find both in your journey through life!


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