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Simple Woman's Daybook - June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
The mowers are out in full force!  That is what I am hearing!

The weather looks nice; not too hot or too cold...predicted temps at around 77 at 11:00 am, and going up to the low 80's.

I can handle that as long as it's not too hot and humid!  I get so worn out with temps so hot you can't breathe!!

I Am Thinking:
What am I thinking today?  Perhaps about getting busy and cleaning this apartment?

Or, making some things for a craft fair in December?

Or, just relaxing and not doing anything!

{That was Monday; the best laid week took a totally different turn, with an unplanned visit to the doctor and to the emergency room for an outpatient ultrasound on my leg...

more later when I get more info.}

I Am Thankful:
For the encouragement and support I get from my friends...

Some are my local scrappin' friend.

But, many are my online crafting and/or blogging friends.

One of My Favorite Things:
Chatting with my friends online!  It's amazing what we can find to "talk" about when we are typing out our conversation!

Thanks to my online friends, I can vent or cry or celebrate!  Whatever the need, they are there for me!

{And this morning...well, Thursday friend and I figured out how to do Face Time and had an actual conversation!  It was awesome to use this technology and show each other our "dis-organized" craft spaces!!}

I Am Creating:
Finished all of my swaps for June; waiting to see what the Challenge will be.
Birthday Theme Memory Dex Card

Wedding Theme Pocket Art/Letter

Close-up of Pocket Art Title

American Indian Theme Tag
(criteria was to use a different size and shape)

Close-up of Indian Girl

I Am Wearing:
Well, since I didn't get this completed earlier this week, tonight (Thursday) I am wearing a pink night shirt with little dogs all over it; a pair of black pj bottoms; and a pair of socks.

I Am Reading:
I just finished reading John Grisham's "The Appeal"; took me about a week to get the whole book read!  That's a record because I'm usually doing so many other things and don't get to read much...

Picked up another book at the used book store the other day and will start it the next time I get ready to sit down and read!

I Am Hoping:
This rain lets up soon!  I know...we need the rain; but enough is enough!!

But, it is Hurricane Season and already seeing some of those weather issues out in the waters...

Just hoping, and praying, none are major this year!

I Am Learning:
Am I?  Some days I feel like I am failing the test; like I haven't learned anything from all these days and days of dealing with someone with dementia and hearing loss.

Every day is a new day; and usually a new set of things to learn.

So, I am learning; and the learning never stops!

In My Kitchen: 
All dirty dishes in the dishwasher and ready to start just before I head to bed.

Post Script:
No real P.S. this week!  Maybe I'll browse the 'net before next week's post!

Shared Quote:
Rather than a quote, today I will be sharing a piece I came across while writing my Write31Days post for October 28, 2014.

During this 30-day challenge, I wrote on the theme:  "31 Days of Dementia's Demands".  (This series can be found on my old blog, Barbara's Blog under the tab "31 Days".)


Dementia – I hate you!
I hate what you’ve robbed from me
I hate that you dictate my day
I hate that you’ve made me a stranger
I hate that you’ve made me the enemy
I hate that you’ve made me cry
I hate that you’ve made me laugh
I hate you!

Dementia - you enrage me!
You make me lose my temper
You make me feel out of control
You make me want to scream
You make me want to punch
You make me want to kick
You make me want to fight
You enrage me!

Dementia – you terrify me!
I’m terrified of the future
I’m terrified who’ll be next
I’m terrified I will be next
I’m terrified I will forget my children
I’m terrified my children may forget also
I’m terrified there’ll never be a cure
You terrify me!

Dementia – you cause me despair!
You took my innocence
When you took my Grandma
You took my strength
When you took my Father
You’re taking my heart
As you steal her away
You cause me despair.

(by Traci Story for Lewy Body Dementia Association  )

A Moment From My Day:
My day is always flexible; no day is really routine, though I attempt it to be.  Especially on Mondays when I usually get the laundry and some cleaning done.

But, it's flexible and I can do those things on another day.

This week, on Monday I went to spend some time with my daughter, son and grandson.  We played board games and just hung out together for a while before I headed back home.
And that ends another week of Simple Woman's Daybook!

Join me once again next week for a look inside this simple woman's day!

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