Monday, June 26, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
It is a beautiful day outside; not sure of the temp at this 10:00 am hour.

But, the usual Monday morning...mowers and blowers and all the routine of lawn care!

And, it's summer, as well as hurricane season!  No getting away from the showers that came along at 4:30 pm!

I Am Thinking:
Trying to decide what projects to work on this Saturday at an all-day scrapping event.  With two retreats coming up, I also need to decide what to take to these as well.

Decisions, decisions!!

I Am Thankful:
For days when I have absolutely no place to go!  Unless I want to!

When I have nothing in particular that I have to do!!  Unless I want to!

Well, the usual weekly chores; laundry, etc.  but, nothing else unless that's what I want to do.

Lazy?  Perhaps!  But, I like to think of it as "retired; and doing what I want to do"!!

One of My Favorite Things:
Making decisions to do the last moment!  Changing plans around because that's how it has ended up working out!

This may not happen very often; but it happens more often now that I am retired.

I Am Creating:
Actually, I am at the end of a project where I made three sets of birthday cards; 10 or more of three different "designs".

This project is for a swap, and I will receive 9 different cards for each set; the additional - over 10 - are just to have extras!

Here they are!
Flip Flop Birthday Cards

Party Girl Birthday Cards

Washi Tape Birthday Cards

I Am Wearing:
A pair of pink flowered pajamas with brown lace at the neckline, and a pair of pink and black slipper socks.

It's a "pj's kind of day"!

I Am Reading:
On the way out of the used book store the other day, I picked up a book because it said something about "a mystery"...

Started reading "A Noble Radiance" by Donna Leon.  As I said, I just grabbed it as I was leaving the shelves in the back of the store.  What caught my eye was the cover...Venice and one of those boats with the guy standing at the back paddling...and the beautiful purples of the book...and the fact that it was "an intriguing mystery..."

I've never read any books by this author; so far, it is OK.

I Am Hoping:
Hoping and Praying that our minister, her husband and another youth director, along with eight of our youth, have a safe trip to Louisiana for a mission trip in Baton Rouge.  They will be helping other youth groups from around the U.S. in cleaning up after the floods that occurred there recently.

I Am Learning:
To take life slow and easy; to rest when I need to; to keep busy and active, but not to the point of exhaustion...

Though some exhaustion is well worth it! Like, when you go to a park and walk and enjoy the grandkids.  Or spend all day and part of the night scrapbooking with a group of other crafters.

But, I am learning when to stop and rest a bit before moving onto the next fun event!

In My Kitchen: 
I put off unloading the dishes; and loading the dishwasher again!  I wanted to get my computer work done so I could concentrate on organizing and putting away the craft stuff.

But, towels are in the washer, almost ready to be dried.

And, I haven't even thought about dinner.  Maybe some of those frozen chicken strips?  They won't be that difficult to pull out and fix something to go with them...

Post Script:
Here is what I'll be doing this Thursday evening with my friend:

Karen Kingsbury Love Story Tour

We will be attending at a tour location right here in my town!  Excited to hear her speak in person!

Shared Quote:
Today, I'm sharing a paragraph - quote - from a story I read in Guideposts Magazine.  It was written by Janice Thompson from Texas in the section called "Caregivers."

The title is:  "Respite Journey", and reads:

"It was hard enough to lose my mom to Alzheimer's.  I couldn't lose myself too.  I couldn't be a good caregiver if I didn't take care of myself.  I needed breaks.  Adventure.  Time to write.  And to do that, I needed to trust other people to look after her.  Trust that the Lord was taking care of us both."

Boy!  Did that ever hit home!  I may not be dealing with my "mom", as the story indicates.  And, I may not be as "in deep" with Alzheimer's as the author; but it sure did hit home a lot!

A Moment From My Day:
This happened the other day, and I had to share on my Facebook status:

"Mom busy at the computer and son comes in with a bunch of wildflowers for her!  Sweet!

Image may contain: plant and flower"Is it the same effect if wife is at the computer and husband, who has dementia and can sometimes act like a kid (and not at heart), comes in with a bunch of wildflowers for her?!  "Here, I picked these for you," he said; and I took them with tears in my eyes.

"I'd have to say...YES!!  It is the same effect!

Made my day a little brighter; and I think I can do more day; and then one day at a time!!

And another week of Simple Woman's Daybook has been written!

Join me again next week for a look into this simple woman's day...

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