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Simple Woman's Daybook - May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
The sun is shining; I hear the mowers and blowers outside.

We had quite a storm last evening; much needed rain, but not enough!

Not sure what the temperature will be today; but I don't have plans to leave the apartment until around 6:00 pm.

I Am Thinking:
About Mermaids!

It is true!!  I fell back asleep early this morning and was dreaming about mermaids!

That is because of the challenge I will be working on in one of my craft groups.  I will share a picture when it is finished!

I Am Thankful:
For the Youth in my church!  They are so caring and sharing and talented...

And, a group of them are headed to Louisiana next month for a mission trip.  They will be helping in an effort to clean up and restore some of the sections of Baton Rouge that were damaged during hurricanes last season.

These "kids" show there really is good in the young people in our world!  

One of My Favorite Things:
I find it hard to name just one favorite thing; and to do it every week for this post?!  Almost impossible!

But, today, one of my favorite "things" is this:

Connecting with others online that have the same or similar situations or hobbies or likes or...just something that clicks and, well, connects us!

I Am Creating:
Over the past couple of days I have created two pocket letters.  One is for the monthly swap and is a picnic theme.

The second one is a challenge issued by an online friend.  She sent me a RAK (random acts of kindness) to use the items sent to create a pocket letter.  The theme?


Who loves some ice cream?

It really turned out great!  And, guess who will receive the finished project?  That's right...the one who issued the challenge!!

I Am Wearing:
A yellow gown with little blue and red and yellow flowers; and a pair of navy blue shorts.  Going casual this morning... 

I Am Reading:
I am almost finished reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen.  I still can't remember if I ever read the book; but can visualize the scenes in the movie.

It is hard to remember all the books I've read or movies I've seen!

I Am Hoping:
The week will be one of fun and good times!

No drama; no yelling or screaming or...

Just quiet and fun and whatever makes me happy?!

I Am Learning:
To keep my mouth shut?!

Really!  When we are having a conversation and my husband starts acting childish, or yelling or putting words to what he really hasn't heard me say...

Just keep my mouth shut!

It will end and turn back into a "normal" conversation; maybe...

In My Kitchen: 
Leftover spaghetti from sauce I put in the freezer a couple of weeks ago; and a take-out of lasagna from our church youth's fund-raiser yesterday.  And, a serving or two of salad...

Take your pick!  There's enough for both of us...plus!

Post Script:
A post script (or P.S.) is an "after thought"; or at least that's how I see it.

My thoughts today - or my "after thoughts" - would just be this:

Time is flying by!  I really am starting to wonder from day to day, "What day is it?!"  And, there was a time when I thought that was impossible.

Time goes by; but the thing is, I am enjoying almost every moment of it!

Shared Quote:
I saw this quote on my daughter's fridge the other day:

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."  (- Epicurus)

Pretty powerful words, aren't they?!

A Moment From My Day:
My days are usually full...

Either I am busy at home - doing those normal boring cleaning or organizing projects.

Or, we are running here and there for shopping or doctor's appointments.

I love the days I can get out by myself.  Some days I go shopping, or browsing.  Other days I join my friends and get some crafting done.

Last week was a rough one with some medical news; and I was close to tears when I decided to join my friends who were crafting.  It was the best decision I made...

And, I felt much better when I left them.  Tired; but feeling much better!

So, that's all for this week's Simple Woman's Daybook.

Another week is beginning today...wonder what it will bring about?

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