Monday, May 15, 2017

Five Minute Friday - MOM

It is time for another Five Minute Friday, though I am writing it on Monday morning!

I should be doing my chores - wasn't that last week's word?  I actually wrote it on scrap paper while babysitting my granddaughter; and found it later, after the week was over and this week's was already announced!

So, this weeks word?  What else could it be?

Of course!  What other word would be chosen for this wonderful weekend, celebrating Mothers' Day!

But, that focus, for me, turned to those who do not have a mother...

Of course, we all know there's a mother somewhere that birthed everyone.  But, everyone doesn't have a mother that is nurturing and loving.  One who was beside them as they grew up and cared for them as we would expect a mother to do.

Everyone didn't have that "traditional" family.

And, everyone doesn't have a child and be "eligible" to celebrate a day such as Mothers' Day.


Many are "mothers" to a four-legged furry companion (or two or three)!

Many are "mothers" to a niece or nephew; or a friends child(ren); or a foster child; or...

Many are "mothers" in a less "traditional" way...

Many have someone they look up to as a mother figure.

Yes!  We "mother" in so many ways; we have so many different types of mothers or mother substitutes!

When I think of my own mother...

Whom I called MOM, which is the word for this week - though there are many names we could call our mothers...

I know I probably took her for granted.  In my childhood, growing up, she was there!  She loved me and was there for me.  She clothed me and fed me and I didn't have to worry about anything.

I loved my mother; I still love my mother, though she has been gone now for almost five years...

That is hard to believe!  Five years without my mom.  It makes me sad just thinking about it!

But, I am so blessed that we had many years together.  As I grew into a young woman myself, and then a wife and mother, I learned so much from Mom.  She is the reason I am the woman I am today!

I am so blessed that I was able to spend time learning about my mom and her journey.  I am saddened that I don't still have her here to help me know and understand more of the life she lived before I knew her.

The lesson to be learned is this:  Take time to know those you care about!  Take time to know their journey in life; and be sure to share yours with those you love.  This quote may refer more to loving our children and little ones around us, but is so true for all those we love!

That is how our story gets carried through the family.

{I think my time is up!  I am done; but will never forget the woman that loved and cared for me through all my lifetime!}

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  1. Hello neighbor from FMF. My mom's have been gone 15 years and it still feels like yesterday.

    1. I don't think it gets any easier; parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, friends...and our own children. Everyone grieves in different ways and take longer to "get over it"; but we really never do! That person is with us always in our memories and live in our hearts.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I really am lousy at going back and reading!! I'll check out more of the posts soon...