Monday, May 1, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook - May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
It's early...and it's already 72 degrees here in Sunny Florida, on this 1st day of May...

Today will be mostly cloudy with a high of almost 90 degrees!

It is Spring still, isn't it?!

I Am Thinking:
That's what I do, early in the morning, when it's too early to get up and I can't get back to sleep...

This morning I was thinking of how to use my scrap paper to create at least one of the birthday cards (sets) I need to make; at least 10 or 12, but I usually just even it out to 20 or 30!

I know!!  That is quite a lot of cards to make; but once I get the design and cut all the pieces, they go together quickly!

{And, I am really making 3 sets of that "times 3" for however I end up making!  I'll post in a future SWD; they are not due to be completed until July but I like to get a head start!}

I Am Thankful:
For all of the things my husband does to help me out!  He is older than I am by 12 years; he is the one with dementia; but not really physically impaired.

Yet, he is the one who is willing to be helpful, like carrying in all the groceries, up to the 2nd floor where our apartment is located.  OR, even carrying all my craft stuff to the car and back into the apartment!

I am the one having a hard time dealing with his changes in mood and attitude...

I call him Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; or, when he is having a "temper tantrum", I call him my "78 year old toddler."  Both are very appropriate!

One of My Favorite Things:
Enjoying the company and a meal with my "lunch bunch" of friends after church.

Yesterday we headed to a favorite sea food restaurant...

Though it took us forever to be seated then receive our drinks and order our food, we enjoyed being together.

And, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of one of the couples with a delicious Chantilly Cake from Publix!!

FUN! and YUM!

I Am Creating:
I finished a couple of projects Saturday while scrapbooking with my friends!

First, I had to add some "bling" to the little chicks die cuts and add them to my finished blue birds - to swap on June 9th!

Then, I finished a door hanger for our minister...

And, a tag using a package of ephemera - yes, that is a word meaning "printed papers (like tickets) which are thrown away after use."  But, crafters like me save everything to use - some day - on a project!

Included in that package were printed papers; clear pieces with quotes and other images;  paper clips, brads and other trinkets.  And I added the yellow braid I had purchased for the door hanger to brighten up the tag.

Just about anything that can be collected and used in crafting fits into this definition of "ephemera"!

I Am Wearing:
Still in my pj's:  a pair of gray lightweight sweat pants/capris and a black and gray night shirt; and of course, my slippers!

I Am Reading:
The book that I am reading is "Dancing with my Father" by Sally Clarkson. I haven't read much lately, after stopping on Chapter Three to get some writing done.

I will get back to reading again soon!

I Am Hoping:
Today continues to be a good day...
It started out earlier than I wanted with my heart racing as it sometimes does.  And, I had a hard time getting back to sleep.

Then, at 7 am I woke in a dream that I was looking for a bathroom (I did need to go to the bathroom!) and I missed the bus headed to a theme, I missed the outing!  Bummer!

But, getting up earlier meant I could get some writing done before the TV was turned on.  Unfortunately, I didn't finish before that happened; but, I am getting it written anyway!

I Am Learning:
Just when I think I have figured it all out...

I realize I haven't!

And, I just don't know which way to turn...

In My Kitchen: 
The dishwasher is running and a second load in the washer; first is in the dryer...

Pork chops are thawing for dinner; bar-b-que them, maybe?  Corn or peas along with it and maybe some rice?  Will see...

Post Script:
I found this in a notebook I use for jotting down things that happen in our "caregiving adventure", shared on Facebook last December by Matt Townsend.  I will share in the next category:

Shared Quote:
"Sometimes the best thing that you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess.  Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best."

Oh, if only it were that easy!  "Just breathe and have faith..."?

Only God knows the answer!  Only God can help me get through this...

Only God...

A Moment From My Day:
Back to de-cluttering!  I've put a box of medical stuff together to take to the local hospice or their thrift store; a few other items to donate; papers I need to shred...perhaps this afternoon; some cardboard I'm giving to a friend for crafting...

Still working on it again today; so I am sure there will be more to get rid of.

Well, that completes this week's Simple Woman's Daybook.  I am slowly getting back into the writing groove.

It is good to be writing again!

And, maybe I'll do it again next week!!

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