Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
Today, it's Tuesday and the weather was a bit overcast.  We did have a little rain and thunderstorms; but it didn't help the temperature...it was in the mid 80's!

I Am Thinking:
About the obligations that I have and how burned out and overwhelmed I am right now.

I Am Thankful:
For friends I can discuss things with; like, how frustrated I am in the way things are going with certain positions.

Or, how overwhelmed and upset I get with my husband and health issues.

Or, just to share our creative projects with each other.

One of My Favorite Things:
Taking on a challenge and coming up with an idea...

Then, creating what is in my mind.

I Am Creating:
This month's tag swap - which has been a real challenge - is an American Indian theme.  The criteria was to create a tag a "different size and shape" than a regular 4 1/2 x 8 inch tag...

So, I am attempting to make a dream catcher!  Photos later...

I Am Wearing:
It is Tuesday evening, just before taking my shower and getting ready for bed.  So, I am wearing a green-ish shirt and a pair of tan shorts with my black bedroom slippers.

I Am Reading:
Close to the end of "Tangled Vines" by Janet Dailey; quite a good book!

Hoping to do a lot of reading this summer; but also a lot of crafting!

I Am Hoping:
...and praying that all goes well this Friday with my husband's surgery to remove skin cancer on his face, near his nose.  Not worrying over it; just keeping him from getting worried and upset over it...

I Am Learning:
Perhaps I am finally learning how to act/react to the outbursts my husband has?

Well, I can only hope and pray that I am...

In My Kitchen: 
Leftovers for dinner; kitchen has been cleaned up...

And, I think I'd better go get the clothes out of the dryer!!

Post Script:
That's about all for this week; no P.S. or other site to share at this time...

Perhaps next week?!

Shared Quote:
I am working on a project with the theme American Indian.  While browsing Pinterest and trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I came across this quote:

A Moment From My Day:
There are not very often little moments of "intimacy" between my husband and I; but sometimes just the smallest touch is enough.

Today, he came into the room while I was on the computer and started lightly rubbing my back; more like scratching the itch I had!

It was sweet and I kept urging him on...

Nothing major; but the little things are major when dealing with someone who has dementia!

So, that's all for this week's Simple Woman's Daybook.

This is a very busy week; and I have already shared some of what is happening.  Prayers are always appreciated!

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