Friday, June 23, 2017

Five Minute Friday - STEADY

Five Minute Friday

The Five Minute Friday community has a new look!  And, I am working on a new look for my weekly posts for FMF too.

I am also hoping to link up more often as I try to begin writing again!

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This week's word is:


Life can get a little crazy sometimes, knocking us off balance.  Unexpected medical issues; auto or home repairs not planned...

Any number of things that throw us off our steady lives.

In these moments, we need something - someone? - to help us get our balance back.

Maybe it's just a simple gesture; a message or comment on Facebook or our blog.  Or maybe it's a phone call - a voice on the other end to reassure us everything will be alright!

Better yet...

In today's technology...FACE TIME!

Maybe it's something even more personal; one on one...

Like a HUG perhaps!

Whatever it takes for that crazy moment to pass; to get our balance back and steady us once again.  So we can move on 'til the next bit of craziness!

Sometimes all it takes is a song, or perhaps a beautiful dance to a beautiful song!  Allowing us to take another breath as tears flow steadily down our face.

A moment to breathe and know life will go on.  Our next breath will put us back on track, slowly and steadily moving forward once again.

Sharing a bit of music and dance to steady you even more by the brother/sister team of Derek and Julianne Hough, "Unsteady"; you may need to have tissues with you as you watch this video:

This still brings tears to my eyes even months after first seeing them perform it on the show, Dancing with the Stars.

Praying you have those people in your life that can help steady you when life gets a little crazy!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Isn't it surprising what kinds of things can have that steadying effect on us during chaotic times? Probably it's something different for each one of us -- but we all need one another, don't we? Nice to visit here for Five Minute Friday; hope we connect again.

    Jeannie (#73 this week)

    1. Yes, Jeannie; it can be different for each one of us! and, we DO need each other; more than many of us may want to admit! I'm independent; but boy do I ever need those people in my life!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Hoping to be writing again for this week's FMF!

  2. I LOVE spending time with family (although, family also produces it's own happy chaos). My time with god keeps me steady each day, too.