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Simple Woman's Daybook - January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
This morning it was in the 60's, clear sky and breezy.  Thankfully, the bad weather passed our way without much damage; at least, in our area!  There were heavy winds and rain and damage in other areas, including up in Georgia.

Prayers go out for all those who lost loved ones, and those who lost all their possessions.

I Am Thinking:
Of life; of what is ahead in my life; of what has been in my life...

So many thoughts and worries and concerns and...

Why?  Why am I so worried and concerned?

God has my future in His hands!


I Am Thankful:
It doesn't seem right to be thankful that the recent bad weather avoided my family; it doesn't seem right to rejoice that we are still alive and haven't lost any of our possessions.

I pray for those who didn't fair as well...

One of My Favorite Things:
This past weekend, my crafting friends met for our annual "Elfster" gift exchange.  If you hold gift exchanges in your family or other groups, check out their website here.

It's really easy to sign up your group and have the names partnered.  You can leave wish lists for your Elfster person; ask various questions so you have an idea of what that person wants!

We had a blast, laughing and eating and sharing a few crafts; then, opening our gifts and trying to guess who our Elfster was.  Loads of fun, food and friends!

I Am Creating:
I used my Cricut to cut out the pieces for 11 Flamingos for a die cut swap.  Now, to find some pink feathers and finish putting them together.  Will post a photo when I get them complete.

I Am Wearing:
A pair of jeans, my blue "Awake" t-shirt; and slippers.  Ready to get comfy and watch "Beaches" tonight...

Happy they are running it more than the original night it was shown...It was such a great movie!

I Am Reading:
I am still reading Ann Voskamp's "The Broken Way", and preparing for the online Bible Study that begins this week.

I am also "Full Blast" by Janet Evanovich for a break from the intense content of Ann's book, and the soul-searching the Bible study is sure to include. 

I Am Hoping:
Funny, but I keep seeing this word..."Hope"!

It is my word for 2017; so it's always helpful to have "hope" thoughts!

But, today I am "hoping" to get my weekly post finished for Word Wednesday...

Since I am writing Monday's SWD post on Wednesday, that gives me two posts to try to get finished!

(And this isn't even my busy week!!)

I Am Learning:
It is hard to say what I am learning!

There is so much to absorb in reading "The Broken Way" by Ann Voskamp;

there is so much to take in and comprehend in trying to follow the online Bible study, as well as everything else that must be done!

I am learning to make the choice to do less or do things differently in order to do the things that (I feel) are more important!

In My Kitchen: 
I tried a couple of new recipes the past couple of days...

Pineapple Sunshine Cake
This cake is very easy to make and is delicious!  I took it to our Elfster party and less than half of it was left over!

Crockpot Teriyaki Chicken
I tried this chicken dish for dinner tonight; but didn't really care for it.  Hubby liked it and complimented the dinner.  He can have the leftovers!

I'll move on to another new recipe later!

Shared Quote:

Shared on Facebook
Artist:  Emily McDowell Studio

The above was shared on Facebook in a comment on the Bible Study group for Ann Voskamp's book, "The Broken Way."

I love this!  Our flaws are seen as a unique piece of our history!  Awesome!

{Check out the Facebook page "FaithGateway Online Bible Studies" for more information on the study}

A Moment From My Day:
What day do I remember?  Today is Wednesday; I usually write this post on Monday!  Some of the prompts were done earlier than others...

This one was left to be completed!

Yesterday, I planned to go shopping - alone!  I was looking for those pink feathers I mentioned under "I Am Creating"...

But, hubby wanted to go with me!  I warned him that I would be out until I found what I was looking for!

As we pulled into the shopping center, I counted 4 or 5 stores that could possibly have the feathers, and proceeded to the first one.

Stop #1 was first he thought he would sit in the car.  I told him I could be a while, and was walking to the next store if I didn't find what I was looking for!

But, there they were!  I laughed and told my husband he was "off the hook" because now I didn't have to go to the other stores!!

Our future may be more of these kinds of outings if we have to "take keys away" any time soon...still figuring things out right now.

Well, that completes another Simple Woman's Daybook!  I'll leave you with this:

Join me again next week for another entry in my daybook!

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