Monday, January 16, 2017

Simple Woman's Daybook - January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
What a beautiful day!  The sun is shining; only a few clouds in the sky.  When I woke this morning, it was almost 60 degrees.  The high today is predicted to be around 77 degrees!

A beautiful spring day in the midst of winter!

That's Florida for you!!

I Am Thinking:
About the doctor's "appointment" I have this afternoon.  Actually, it is more of a consultation than an appointment.

I know I must be more pro-active in getting things done due to my husband's dementia and hearing issues.

Today, I hope to have the doctor's help.  I haven't felt very confident in his assistance in past conversations.  Today, I am going to (try to) be more assertive!

I Am Thankful:
For my church family.  I was able to share a bit with a couple of the Elders - my friends - about what is going on with my husband; and was assured they would be praying for us.

One of My Favorite Things:
Music that hits right at home, right in the heart and soul; and gives me what I need right then and there!

The song, "God Loves You," sung by a trio in church Sunday morning, really did just that.  Here it is sung by Jaci Velasquez:

Remember:  GOD LOVES YOU!

I Am Creating:
I have created a few things for swaps I will be mailing out this week:

Over-sized Tag for
"Winter Ball" swap

ATC (Artist Trading Card)
for "Winter" swap

I also completed this tag for an online friend who loves elephants!  This was sent as a Random Act of Kindness (RAK):

Front of Tag

Back of Tag

Though I still have a few projects that need to be completed, I am spending a couple of days writing...first this week's Simple Woman's Daybook; then the Word Wednesday post on my Word for the Year, Hope.

I Am Wearing:
A pink shirt and navy blue pants; nothing like being comfy!

I Am Reading:
Though I am still reading Ann Voskamp's "The Broken Way", and preparing for the online Bible Study, I have also picked up another book to read.  Ann's book is rather involved; perhaps a bit intense.  So, I started reading "Full Blast" by Janet Evanovich for the times I just want to pick up something to "read", not "study". 

I Am Hoping:
The appointment this afternoon goes well and I will be on the way to completing a few things that must be done.

I Am Learning:
This year may be a new "season" for me; there are things that need to be organized (paperwork such as power of attorney, etc.).  I want things to be organized in such a way that my kids wouldn't have any problems finding things, if there was a need to do so.

In My Kitchen:
Leftovers for dinner; dishwasher unloaded and loaded again; laundry in the dryer...may be finished drying by now! 

Shared Quote:

Last week an exhibit opened at one of our local museums, the Museum of Science and History.  Called "Voices of Hope", I plan to attend this week with my grandson.

What a horrifying time in our past history.  And, the fact that this young woman - only a teenager - has had so much influence on that time is amazing.

I have had an interest in the Holocaust for many years; probably ever since I visited Dachau Concentration Camp in Germany back in the 70's.  Perhaps one day I'll share what I wrote after visiting that camp.

I have read Anne's book, and want to re-read it.  Check out more about the exhibit here.

A Moment From My Day:
I enjoy the quiet evenings when I am relaxing and watching a movie.  Midnight is stretched out beside me, or more often lying between my legs!

This was one of our cooler nights!

Some evenings we are alone, as my husband heads to bed early.  Other times, he stays up because he has become interested in watching the movie I have selected (but if it's not a "drama", he'll head to bed as quickly as he can, especially if I choose a "cook" show or some other type of programming he doesn't like!

A lot to share this week on my Simple Woman's Daybook post!  Hope you'll check back next week for another one!


  1. Always love getting a glimpse into your day - it's almost like I stopped by for a real live visit. Hope all goes well with all the plans you need to make and getting your papers organized. I need to do some of that myself.

  2. I loved my visit to your blog. I love how your pictures help tell the story. I worked with Home Health for 25 years and I will pray for you and your husband. God bless.

  3. Love your. I'll be praying your doctor appointment goes well today.

  4. My mother had dementia and father had Alzheimer's Disease. That's good that you are getting paperwork in order. That was one thing we did before both moved into the middle stages of their respective diseases. Remember to take time for yourself since you are your husband's primary caregiver. Respite care was such a valuable component of the health plan - for both my parents and us kids (who were in our 40s at the time).

    Enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the creative work that you did and your plans for the days ahead.