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Simple Woman's Daybook - July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Looking Out My Window:
The sun is shining; a slight breeze blowing through the trees.  The temp is a warm 79 degrees, with expected highs in the mid to high 80's.  No rain in the prediction; but, this is never know when that afternoon rain shower may come!!

I Am Thinking:
About life!?  Really!  I am thinking about my days as a retired 60-something year old woman!

What am I really supposed to be doing with my life?

I'm doing it, aren't I?!  Well, to the best of my ability, I am!

I Am Thankful:
For many things...

For a loving family, including my husband who does a lot for me!  As much as I may complain, I just don't know what I'd do without him!

I was sharing with a friend in a chat the other day and - yes, complaining! - telling her about something he did.  She said at one point she needed to just write down the good and the bad in her relationship with her husband...

And suggested maybe I do the same thing!

Well, I haven't done that; but if I did, I know the good would definitely out-weigh the bad.

I realize a lot of what I "complain" about is from the dementia; and I really am trying to figure out how to "learn" from all the books I've read, and remember that it is the disease, not the person!

One of My Favorite Things:
Things?  Not things!  But what is a fave "action"(?) is the spur-of-the-moment decisions I can make to do something or go somewhere!

Call me up for a last-minute lunch date?  Of course I'd love to go!

Invite me to a movie or other special show?  Well, I think that can be arranged!

Need a ride to church or an appointment?  Let me check my calendar; why, yes!  I would be happy to do that for you!

I usually have several things on my calendar for each week; but there are weeks like this one, that it starts out being empty...

And, after a couple of phone calls, those days are filled in pretty quickly!

That would be a fave "thing" for me!

I Am Creating:
I spent a few hours at our crafting place on Saturday and was able to finish one of the projects for August!!

Using a paper pack from Echo Park, "Under the Sea", I created a cute pocket letter for the August swap.  Now, to move on to other things that need to be completed before it's too late!

I Am Wearing:
A pair of black sweat pants and a blue t-shirt with a turtle on the back from Southern Couture; and my black slippers.

I Am Reading:
Started reading "The Cottage" by Daniele Steel, one of my fave authors.  Also taking my time reading "Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia" written by John Dunlop, M.D.  Great read so far!

I Am Hoping:
To get more work done in my craft room.  I was energetic yesterday and started cleaning off one of the bookshelves.  Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!

I Am Learning:
Maybe I am learning more than I think I am!

At least I am learning to keep my mouth shut more often instead of lashing out at my husband when he says ugly things to me.

Sometimes, I just can't help it.  I get very tired of hearing him slander my family; and talking so ugly to me.

This book I am reading, "Finding Grace in the Face of Dementia," says what I have always heard/read/known:

"When dementia gets frustrating, we must always recognize that the problem is the disease, not the person."  (Chapter 2, page 33)

It is hard to learn this; to believe that is what is happening.  In a marriage that has been ups and downs most of the thirty-three (almost thirty-four) years of it, that's a hard lesson for me to believe to be true.

But, perhaps I am learning?!

In My Kitchen: 
Meat thawing to make sloppy joes for dinner; dirty dishes in the dishwasher to run after dinner.

Second load of laundry in the dryer; and I'll wait on washing the towels until tomorrow or the next!

My chores in the kitchen are done for today except for cooking dinner and cleaning up afterwards...

Shared Quote:
I spotted this on Facebook this morning while browsing...

A Moment From My Day:
Spending time with family; my "kids" and grandkids, especially!  Those planned occasions; and the impromptu ones.

This week I spent a few hours at the pool with my daughter and her three little ones; the oldest is six and learning to swim without his "puddle jumper".  And, the others, 3 and 4, getting more comfortable in the pool.

Then, I met my son, who had a rare day off during the week; and sat with him while he waited to get his new drivers' license.

Never know from day to day what will pop up to enjoy.

I really do love this retired lifestyle!

How quickly one day ends and another begins...

Just as quickly, another month is ending!

And here ends another post for the Simple Woman's Daybook: a way for me to share my life in bits and pieces; to remember those "little" things that I wish to remember; and to remember those "big" things that help make this retirement life less boring and much more fun!

The Simple Woman's Daybook is my way to keep up with "what's happening", as I share with those who may stumble upon my words...

Join me again next week for a look into this simple woman's day...

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