Sunday, January 8, 2017

Five Minute Friday - CONNECT

Where does the time go??  It's already time to link up with Kate Motaung this week; now it's already Sunday!!

But, here I am, ready to write.  In fact, I hand wrote this post while babysitting for my granddaughter on Friday while she was napping...So, that counts, right?!

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This week's word is:  CONNECT

Sometimes it is easier to connect with my online friends than with my own family, or even my "known" friends.  That is, my online friends don't "know" me...yet, at times I feel they "get me" better than my family or the friends that surround me!  I haven't met these online friends, yet; but one day I hope to do so.

It isn't always easy to put into words how I feel or what I am going through.  It just seems so much more difficult when I am in the situation; and so like nothing when I try to talk about it.

 The words I try to share just don't always come out sounding...well, like things really are for me.

My family and friends are great at listening; but I'm just not sure how much they understand.

Everyone has something that is difficult or that they are going through. Many times we don't even realize it because it is kept deep inside.  But, everyone does have those "somethings".

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Dealing with a spouse who has dementia, but who also has been a bit hard to live with most of the years we've been together - for me and my family - makes it hard to connect; to help them to understand just what is happening; especially my children who are now adults.

My son told me recently, "You're good at writing; just write what you are trying to say."

Sounds easy; but it isn't.  The words just don't always come out like they should; but I have to try.  I must keep those connections...both with family and with friends, known and not yet met!

I don't like feeling disconnected!  I need those connections!  They are my life-line...

And just remember this...

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  1. Exactly...never alone! I like being connected too.

    1. Always! And, we connected that first 31 days I joined in 2014...and here we are!! Thank you so much for always being there encouraging me through it all!!!