Friday, December 16, 2016

Five Minute Friday - NOW

I just don't know where the time goes; or even where this year has gone!  My intent, after the "write31days" challenge in October, was to link up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group of bloggers...but my intentions, and the time, flew out of control!

But, here I am!!  Ready to write a post for this week's Five Minute Friday.  And, because I was so sure I could write using last week's word, Joy, I am going to merge it with this week's.

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This week's word is:  Now
Last week's word was:  Joy


It was to be an easy word for me.  My "word for 2016" is Joy!  There were quite a number of posts written - in fact there are over 20; and can be found on my "old" blog,

Discouraged at having to create a "new" blog (this one), I guess I just let go of the Word Wednesday posts on Joy.  But, so much had been heard or read about this word over the past week or so...I really thought I could do it!

Now...yes, that's this week's word!!

Now that the time has passed to write last week's post, I've determined to write this week's!

What I crave - that's another word I did write on! -  What I crave is joy...NOW!

But, I am learning that it takes more than just happiness to find that true joy!  It is so much more than happiness; true joy goes so much deeper...

And, true joy comes out of the depths of the soul that has experienced sadness, unhappiness, that deep inside sheer grief that one experiences at the time of great loss.

In writing all of those 20-something posts about joy, I struggled.  How could I find true joy when things just weren't quite right; were certainly not happy?  How could I show joy on the outside when on the inside I was hurting, deeply one who I thought was my soul-mate.

Sure, we have had our ups and downs through the over 30 years of marriage.  Yes, there have been times I wanted to leave, but...the children?  And, I stayed.

Now, the children have children of their own.  I have my cat...

I have the grandchildren and my other family and friends; and I am OK on the outside.  On the inside?  Perhaps I am grieving; I am grieving that relationship that I do not have.  I know why I am still here; yet, it's hard.

But, now I know...and I do have some joy, though it may not always be apparent; at least to me!

I have Joy...Now!

And, I pray I can hold on to that joy whenever things get rough; and rougher and rougher, as it surely will.

So, now I have completed the last two word prompts for Five Minute Friday...

I need to sit down, in the "quiet" of my computer/craft room, and write more often!

I resolve to do just that!


  1. I'm your neighbor at FMF today. Just prayed for you, that you will know more and more of the joy found in Christ, even when things are hard!

    1. Thank you so much, Mandy! I appreciate the prayers...and also pray for that joy found in Christ! Things CAN be hard; things ARE hard...but HE can help me to over-come the hard!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...I hope to be reading some of the posts later this evening; have been gone all afternoon and headed to the kitchen to eat!!

  2. yes, hang on to the joy... its what you need to hold you through the now. visiting from fmf #29

    1. Thank you, Annette...I hold on to what joy I do have and pray for all I can get!! I know God is on this walk with me and I CAN do this!!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...I plan to get some reading done later after dinner!

  3. I like how you combined the two words. So true that even when circumstances are difficult we have a reason for joy in Jesus. Visiting from FMF #39.

    1. Thank you, Lesley; I just couldn't let "JOY" get away from me without sharing a post...after giving it a bit of thought, I was able to combine it!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...I'll be getting some reading done this evening.

  4. You will indeed write more. I love how you tied the two weeks words together.

    1. Thank you, Tara! I need to "just do it"!! Appreciate your reading and commenting...I'll get to reading soon; it's just been crazy busy!

  5. This is such a lovely, honest five minute post. My daughter's thing is JOY in spite of a very dysfunctional marriage. It breaks my heart. She is a loving woman in a loveless marriage - your husband is unwell - which is making him unkind, right? My son in law has no excuse. My daughter has learned her joy, her desires, her satisfaction, her affirmation, come from her good, good heavenly Father - not a man. I believe, and singles hear this...check your love language compatibility - it is important!!! But, more than that, learn to lean hard and get all you need from your relationship with Christ. xo

    1. Yes, Susan, my husband is unwell. He has dementia - actually diagnosed with Vascular Dementia which I am certain is getting worse; he also has very bad hearing...I am learning to "deal" with the outbursts; but it IS hard. I pray for your daughter and the loveless marriage. I really can't say mine is "loveless"; it's just hard sometimes to find that love.

      I will keep your daughter (and son in law) in my thoughts and prayers! We all need to lean hard into our Lord and Saviour; HE is our way and our strength!

      Thank you for all of your encouragement; for the thoughts and scriptures and quotes you share...and your writing! And thank you for reading and commenting!